Our participation in the Philips Innovation award (PHIA)

Unser Stand auf dem PHIA-Award
Our booth at the PHIA Award

Participation in the Philips Innovation Award was very interesting and instructive for us. We made it to the last round, but unfortunately our project is running too long to make it to the finals.

As part of the Philips Innovation Awards this time, more than 370 startups competed in the annual innovation competition for prizes worth € 50,000. We were looking for future-oriented and innovative technologies and products for a better future. The aquaponik manufaktur convinced with its sustainable and efficient aquaponics systems and the 80-strong business panel made up of experienced jurors selected us into the semi-finals. In the end, it was not enough for the overall victory, because the duration of our project was much longer than the other projects. Nevertheless, in addition to the established contacts, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors and jurors was a very special motivation to work even more intensively on the implementation of our aquaponic facilities.

Additional Reports:

Blick auf die DWC-Becken der Hansaponik-Aquaponik-Anlage, Foto: Ingo Bläser

proGIreg aquaponics system "HANSAPONIK" opened

We have already reported here in an article about our participation in the research project proGIreg. On Friday, June 16, 2023, the aquaponics facility was opened on the grounds of the Hansa coking plant, which was built in the

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Die Samaki-Anlage für Entebbe mit Enactus

Samaki plant in Entebbe is running

The aquaponics system tested in Issum was set up in Entebbe with two different teams from Enactus. All larger parts were procured locally. The aquaonic facility is part of an organization

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Simon Goddek - PhD-Thesis erfolgreich verteidigt

PhD thesis successfully defended!

Our friend and colleague Simon made it. He defended his PhD thesis in a lecture and subsequent questioning. Congratulations Simon! Right from the start: After completing the master's degree in “Environmental and

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NRW Vernetzungstreffen Aquaponik 2017

NRW aquaponics networking meeting

This is the report of our participation in the "Networking Meeting Aquaponics in NRW" that took place on May 18th, 2017 in Wuppertal. We had the opportunity to present our company and take part in the panel discussion. The meeting

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Anaerobe Reaktoren für die Aquaponik-Forschung

Bioreactors for universities

As part of the work for aquaponics research, we built mobile UASB/EGSB bio-reactor sets. They were used in scientific experiments at 4 different universities. The remineralization of the water can hardly be achieved with exclusively aerobic water treatment

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Decoupled Aquaponics

Decoupled Aquaponics System (DAPS)

Decoupled aquaponicsAn important part of our activity is research on decoupled aquaponics systems. They make it possible to cultivate fish and plants under optimal conditions and to add water in further stages

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